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Rehabilitation Plan and Update
The Rehabilitation Plan contribution schedule has been updated to require a 10% increase in the rate of contributions to the AFM-EPF, as described in this document.
Collective Bargaining Agreement (CBA) compliant language.
Quick reference chart of Base, Rehab1 and Rehab2 rates.
Rehabilitation Plan - Adopted April 15, 2010, and updated June 27, 2016.
General Employer Policies & Procedures
Requirements for Approving Collective Bargaining Agreements/Employers.
Rules limiting the ability of the bargaining parties to reduce a contributing employers contribution rate below the existing contribution rates.
Important procedures in cases where Collective Bargaining Agreements are modified in a manner that affects the rate at which Participants earn or "accrue" future pension benefits under the Fund.
Policy on the Funds acceptance of contributions made with respect to wages paid to a Participant during a period of disability.
Policy on the Funds acceptance of contributions of proceeds of "Donated Concerts."
Policy on the Funds acceptance of contributions for wages earned for teaching music.
Policy on the Funds receipt of Late Payments and Underpayments.
Withdrawal Liability
Each Employer shall pay the Fund all amounts due as withdrawal liability resulting from a partial or complete withdrawal from the Fund in accordance with ERISA.